Welcome to Kalwun Development Corporation Ltd (Kalwun). We deliver and facilitate access to:

  • doctors
  • allied health services
  • dental services
  • community health programs
  • child protection initiatives
  • family support services
  • foster and kinship care support
  • early education programs
  • playgroups
  • aged care and disability support
  • in-home care
  • wellness centre
  • community housing
  • housing support.

Kalwun also owns and manages Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre, which offers guided tours of Burleigh Headland (Jellurgal), cultural services such as Welcome to Country ceremonies and dance performances as well as the sale of Aboriginal artwork and gifts/ souvenirs. The cultural centre fulfils Kalwun’s moral responsibility to preserve, promote and share Aboriginal culture.

Below you will find information on our companyvisionmissionvalues, Quality Policy, COVID-19 Safety Plan and key business areas.

Our company

Kalwun Development Corporation was incorporated in 1994. Kalwun is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community controlled organisation and has proven to be a highly reputable and professional company within south-east Queensland.

Our vision

“Our people live long, healthy, prosperous and happy lives”

Our mission

Through the provision of high quality, professional, culturally appropriate and respectful services to “Our People” (our Elders, patients, clients, consumers, staff and wider community) we will contribute to people living long, healthy, prosperous and happy lives.

Our values


We recognise the cultural diversity that exists within Kalwun and respect the rights, views and values of our Elders, patients, clients, consumers, wider community and each other.


We act honestly, truthfully and transparently in all our dealings. We are being committed to the best interest of our community and the people we serve.


We strive to meet the needs of those who utilise our services and the broader community. We treat all people with respect and in a dignified manner.


We are committed to excellence and providing high quality services.


We acknowledge the past mistreatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We work together and build relationships between the wider Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for the benefit of all Australians.

Quality Policy

Kalwun Development Corporation Ltd provides innovative and progressive services within a holistic framework. We provide assistance to all people however we primarily provide support, services and assistance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, their families and community in South East Queensland. Kalwun provides access to affordable housing, dental and medical services, health programs, home and aged care, family wellbeing, parenting and educational programs, foster and kinship care, cultural promotions and tours. 

Our Quality Policy outlines our commitment to provide quality services to our community. 

COVID-19 Safety Plan

Kalwun has developed a COVID-19 Safety Plan that is applicable at all Kalwun business unit sites.

Download the Kalwun/Jellurgal COVID-19 Safety Plan

Key business areas

The diagram below reflects the key business areas of Kalwun.

key business areas