Kalwun offers cultural services from Aboriginal guided tours of Burleigh Headland to Welcome to Country Ceremonies, Dance Performances and Learning Programs.

Cultural tours
Kalwun's cultural division, Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre, offers guided cultural tours of the magical mountain, Jellurgal (Burleigh Headland).
Dance performances and ceremonies
Aboriginal dance performances, including corroborees, dreamtime stories, didgeridoo music and song, are a mesmerising and inspirational showcase of Aboriginal culture.
Early learning cultural incursions
Kalwun, through Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre, offers Jellurgal Jarjums cultural incursions, an interactive education program for children.
Elders Group
Kalwun facilitates an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders Group for community members over 50 years of age.
Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre
Named after the mountain on which it sits, Jellurgal is the Gold Coast’s only dedicated Aboriginal cultural centre.