Health Services
Kalwun Health Service offers a unique combination of primary health care along with community-based services to the Gold Coast community....
Community Care
Community Care
Kalwun Community Care aims to assist older people and their carers with services including help at home and help getting out into the community. ...
Child and Family Support
Child and Family Support
Kalwun Child and Family Support delivers the Family Participation Program, a family wellbeing service, foster and kinship care and education programs. ...
Housing and Emergency Relief
Housing and Cultural Support
Kalwun offers assistance to families in need in the forms of affordable housing and cultural support.
Kalwun offers cultural services from Aboriginal guided tours of Burleigh Headland to Welcome to Country Ceremonies, Dance Performances and Learning Programs.
News and Resources
News and Resources
Keep up to date with news and events for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community of the Gold Coast.
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Ask your mob, your way, R U OK?

Regardless of where we live, or who our mob is, we can all go through tough times, times when we don’t feel great about our lives or ourselves. That’s why it’s important to always be looking out for...

Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month

May is Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month when we raise awareness and send a message that violence in our homes, families and community is not ok, and will not be tolerated.

COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination at Kalwun

Kalwun is currently offering COVID-19 vaccination at all health clinics and testing at our Nerang clinic.

  • Dec 15
    NAIDOC Community DayJoin us at the Gold Coast Titans NAIDOC Community Day on Wednesday 15 December from 3pm - 7pm. ...