Kalwun’s health team are continuing to work with other organisations on nation-wide trials aimed at reducing issues which cause hearing difficulties in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

Inflate ear trial logoThe ‘WATCH’ trial is looking at the best treatment for middle ear infections and the ‘INFLATE’ trail is aiming to find a solution to treat ‘glue ear’ in children before they need grommet surgery.

Currently, participation in the WATCH trial is at 197 of the 500 required by October 2020 for all services in the program. This includes 20 from Kalwun. The INFLATE tally is at 25 of the 380 required by October 2020 including 7 from Kalwun.

If you are interested in your child taking part in these studies, please speak with a health worker, nurse or doctor at your Kalwun Health Service or call the Miami Clinic on 07 5526 1112.

Go to our dedicated page to find out more about Kalwun's health research programs.

Photo: Inflate ear trial logo