Kalwun's general practitioners (GPs) each have special interests which include Aboriginal health, children and women’s health and general practice.


Kalwun Health Service requires patients to have a booking at their local Kalwun clinic if they wish to see a doctor. 

If the appointment is urgent, you will be triaged by the nurse and an appointment will be made with the doctor if necessary or emergency services will be called.

When booking an appointment, please advise Kalwun reception if you have a preference for which doctor you would like to see.

All patients receive basic observations conducted by an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health worker or a nurse prior to seeing the doctor.

Longer appointments

Kalwun Health Service has standard appointment times of 20 minutes. If you require a longer consultation with the doctor, please inform reception when making an appointment.


Patients who have any tests done need to make a follow-up appointment for their results. Clients who have ongoing health needs will receive a letter or phone call to remind them to come for their followup checks. Please notify your doctor if you do not want this reminder. Updating your personal details at reception will ensure you are kept informed if you require a follow-up appointment or recall.

Results will not be given over the phone for confidentiality reasons.

An SMS reminder may be sent to the phone number provided to remind you of appointments with Kalwun clinics. If you do not want to receive these reminders, inform reception staff.

After hours

Kalwun Health Services do not provide medical intervention after business trading hours.

For non-emergency medical issues, contact Home Doctor Service on 13 74 25 to arrange a home visit by a GP. These visits are bulk-billed for people who have a current Medicare card. If there are any costs involved, you will be informed by their reception staff.


Phone calls to doctors

Phone calls from patients to a Kalwun doctor will be transferred to the nurse or practice manager on duty. The nurse or practice manager will triage the call and inform the doctor if required.

Home visits

Kalwun Health Service doctors do not routinely conduct home visits to patients. Appointment booking and transport to our clinic can be arranged. In exceptional circumstances, a GP may be able to conduct a home visit at the discretion of the GP.