Kalwun's Family and Domestic Violence Support Program supports and empowers families escaping and recovering from violence and abuse.

What is Family and Domestic Violence?

Family and domestic violence is when a partner or a family member intentionally harms you, your children or your pets. The violence is not your fault and no form of violence is acceptable — violence is a crime. It can take place in the following forms:

  • Intimidation
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Spritual
  • Financial
  • Social
  • Sexual

How can Kalwun help?

Kalwun employs a Family and Domestic Violence Practitioner to facilitate the Kalwun Family and Domestic Violence Support Program, which aids Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander families and their children who are affected by, or at risk of, family and domestic violence.

What is the purpose of the Family and Domestic Violence Support Program?

The program’s purpose is to support and empower families escaping and recovering from violence and abuse and to prevent and reduce the number of families affected by family and domestic violence.

What support does the program offer?

In order to support you, Kalwun can:

  • provide you with information and education on family and domestic violence
  • create a safety plan for you and your children
  • support you in reporting violence
  • offer court support
  • link you in with other support services
  • set goals and create plans to assist you in recovering from family and domestic violence.


Women and children escaping family and domestic violence are eligible for Kalwun's Family and Domestic Violence Support Program. Perpetrator intervention can be considered within a criteria framework, with the safety and wellbeing of victims and other family members paramount.

Accessing the service

Please contact our Family Wellbeing Service on (07) 5520 8600 and they will support you in connecting with the appropriate services.